Zillow Going Public

If you have been in the real estate game for a while, ‘Zillow’ should be a familiar term to you. Mostly, they bring nationwide real estate / homes for sale, for rent, and home values to their users, all in one location.

It comes as no surprise, that the company is now going public. And they are estimating an initial public offering of $12-$14 per share, which will bring them about $55.7 million, and take the company’s value to about $380 million.

Not bad for online company’s first offer.

You can get more detailed information on this story here:


2 thoughts on “Zillow Going Public

  1. I love zillow! They have an app for android phone (probably for iphone too) that show the gps location of where you are at, and the value of all the homes around you! Such a cool way to look for your next home.

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