White Bass Fishing

White bass fishing is great, and because of the nature of the white bass, it can keep you busy for quite some time. You see, the white bass is a schooling fish, and if you can catch one, you stand a great chance of catching lots more. The white bass is a smaller fish, usually found in the 1 to 2 pound range, and not usually any more than 4 pounds. They life span is just a few years, shorter than other species of game fish, but they are a very active specie of fish.

Another thing about white bass is the fact that you can catch them throughout the year. Especially in southern states where the water stays relatively warm year round, you can find yourself getting into schools of white bass quite often. And if you can find an area where birds are hitting the top of the water, or where shad are breaking on top of the water, you likely find some good white bass fishing.

The Best White Bass Fishing Method

There are many different methods that are productive for white bass fishing, but the predominate and most effective method that I have seen and used is the jig fishing method.

In this scenario, you find a likely spot for white bass, say around a point or underneath an area where birds are working, and you cast a spoon lure (slab) into the area. You let it fall to the approximate depth your fish finder shows the fish to be working, and you jerk the rod tip up in the air, causing the bait to “bounce” off the depth it was at, and then you drop your rod tip back down, allowing the bait to fall back down to the set depth.

This method essentially tantalizes the fish by bouncing the bait up and down in front of them, and provoking a strike. I have caught many white bass using this method. And the great thing is, spoon lures are cheap, and if you loose one, no big deal, just tie another one on. And trust me, you will lose these lures, especially if the white bass are near the bottom of the lake, because you will be bouncing the lure off the bottom, and with a single treble hook coming right of the end of the spoon, you are sure to catch the bottom every once in a while.

As far as the color of the spoon you are using, I would stick with the lighter colors, like white, green, etc. You can use a straight silver if you would like, but I prefer to use colors that more closely resemble realistic colors of bait fish.

White Bass Fishing Gear

I have already indicated what the best type and colors of lures are for white bass fishing. So I will focus this section on rod, reels, and technical equipment. White bass spook easily, so I recommend coming upon them with a trolling motor, and if possible, not even running it on high. Quietly approach, and then drop your slabs.

As far as rod and reels go, lighter is generally better for this type of fishing. Normally, the fish will hit as the bait is falling, and with a lightweight rod and reel combination, you will more easily be able to detect these smaller fish hitting the line.

As far as your fish finder goes, I would focus mostly on learning the depth of the school, and setting your cast appropriately. If the fish are mostly at ten feet, set the depth of your spoon at ten feet. A simple way to do this is to pull out a little less than two lengths of line to your wingspan, and then marking that spot on your line with a split shot, bobber stop or other indicator.

White bass fishing is fast paced and fun, and I like getting into the schools of these fish. So to recap, you want to look for points or areas where shad or other bait fish are hitting the top of the water, slowly approach with your trolling motor, and cast in a white, green or other color spoon to the approximate depth where the fish are, and use the jig fishing method to entice the fish to strike. Not too difficult, is it? Let me know what you think below in the comments box.

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  1. that is good info we jig for them & we troll humps & ridges using hellbenders with pet spoon colors gold & chrome yellow & white feathers we are fishing lake livingston in texas we limit out most of the time ibuild my on rods i fish with 7foot med action with spiral wrapped micro guides with a low gear ratio reel that works real well for me & my freind thanks steve

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