Virtual Real Estate

When you think about real estate, you probably think about buying and selling homes or commercial properties. But what about virtual real estate? In short, domain names are the equivalent of real estate online.

Your domain name defines your business.

It’s what you will be known for.

So how does this apply to your real estate business?

You need to carefully choose your domain name. In the past, I have recommended to real estate agents and realtors to go with something like ‘’, so if you worked in Seattle, WA, you would go for ‘’.

That strategy is still a great one, as it immediately puts you in the lime light with Google for the search term “Seattle real estate”. However, the down side is, it kind of pins you to that location. And in the new Google, focusing on one or just a few websites is going to be much more beneficially for you in the long run.

Google wants large, quality sites that people trust and use continuously.

Deciding on a Domain Name that Fits Your Real Estate Business

So I would think about these three options – ‘’, or ‘’, or ‘’.

Can’t decide?

Here’s a couple of tips.

If you think you’ll want to move in the future, don’t go with ‘’. Then all you have to decide is if you want to build up your own name online, or if you want to build up a business name.

If you are looking to sell out of the business at some point in the future, going with a business name as your domain name is much easier to sell. But don’t neglect using your own name, because there are advantages to using it as your domain name. creates an instant connection built between you and your visitor. This makes it a little quicker for you to gain trust with your visitors.

Bottom line, look at the long term, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you really plan to stay in that one city you are working at now?
    If so, ‘’ is probably the best.
  • Do you think you might move, but you know you will be a real estate agent for the rest of your life?
    Then consider ‘’ as the strategy.
  • Do you think you might move, and want to sell your real estate business at some point in the future?
    Then ‘’ is probably the one to go with.

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