Trying to Sell Your House? Have You Tried Using facebook?

You might be trying to sell your house through conventional methods and not having much success. There are some alternative methods you can use to sell your home faster than if you use a local real estate agency.

Taking Advantage of the Social Network

More business today are taking advantage of the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook. You will probably be surprised to find many people use this medium to sell their homes. The biggest advantage to using Facebook for selling your home is the ability to reach people all over the world. Why limit the people who have access to the information and buying opportunity of your home by only listing it locally?

The ability people have to connect instantly using these websites helps them pass along information they might think someone else would be interested in. You can capitalize on this networking ability by posting photographs of your home and providing a complete description of its features. This allows visitors to your page to see your home and pass along the link to their friends.

Adding Photos to Your Page

You want to create the same comprehensive type of portfolio for your home as the professional real estate agencies. Start by taking clear, full color photographs of all the rooms inside your house. The photographs should accentuate the positive features such as the woodwork on stairs and the cabinets inside your kitchen. Most people want to see the layout of the kitchen as well as any additional items your home might have, such as fireplaces or built-in bookcases.

If you have the ability to take action videos you can create a live walk-through tour of your home.
In addition to the photos and video footage of the interior spaces in your house, you also need to add pictures of the exterior. Exterior photos should include shots of the house as well as the surrounding landscape. A whole house shot of both the front and back should also be included in your picture gallery.

In addition to the various photos of your home, you also want to include a description about the house and all of its features. The description should include the square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the approximate location. You can use the privacy controls to protect your personal information.

Improving Traffic to Your Page

While adding lots of photos and complete descriptions about your home will definitely improve your chances of selling, you also need to take steps to market your page. This can be done by creating links with affiliate services. There are a number of services involved in real estate which accept listings found on Facebook. Some affiliate companies are located on Facebook as well, while others have websites outside of this network.

You can also choose to buy advertising to use on Facebook. This advertising makes your page available to people who wouldn’t ordinarily be visiting it. The ad is easy to create using the handy tools found on Facebook. The link you add to the advertisement will take people right to your home selling page when they click on it. You can even create blogs about the progress of your house and the people interested in buying it. You should refrain from stating the house has been sold until all of the paperwork has been completed.

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