Things Sellers Do That Tweak Real Estate Agents

Some people may think that sellers don’t have that much to do with the sale of a home, but if they do certain things, it can greatly interfere with the closing on that house.

I think that it is interesting to consider, and I have been in the situation before, when sellers want to hang out around the house during a showing. It’s definitely a bad thing and almost no good can come from it. It only makes the buyers antsy, and makes them feel as if they cannot talk freely about the property with their agent.

Another one that is mentioned on, is this:

Sellers who think their property is unique, thus worth more money.

Real estate is market driven, and the square footage of the home is the most important pricing factor in today’s market. Don’t think your home is special just because you put a nice range oven in, or nice fixtures in the bathrooms. That might help the home sell faster, but you shouldn’t expect to get more money for it.

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