The 411 on Recruitment Services

Staffing agencies are making a hug impact on the lives of job seekers all across the United States. They work hard at matching companies with potential employers.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent, full or part-time position or something temporary, staffing agencies are there to make the change an easy one. Agencies offer recruitment services to help job seekers find a great position.

Types of Agencies

There are two types of staffing agencies. The first are employment places. They will match people with direct-hire positions. The second is temporary help for people who are looking for temporary jobs.

What They Do

Many people don’t always realize this, but staffing agencies work for two groups of people: The companies and the job seekers.

They serve as human resources for many companies. Staffing agencies will screen potential employees by checking their resumes, interviewing them and running backgrounds. They will take the people they feel are the most qualified and present them to their clients (the companies looking to fill positions).

Staffing agencies also work with their clients (job seekers) who are contacting them because they need help finding a job.


Like with any type of job, there are requirements when seeking employment. Most employers require a high school diploma or higher education. There are temporary companies, however, that will hire workers even if they don’t have a high school diploma. It really depends on the type of position you’re looking for.

When it comes to permanent, full-time positions the minimum requirement is often a bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience. Each requirement will always depend on the type of position, no matter the type of agency you’re working with.

Benefits of Using Recruitment Services

There are many benefits to using staffing agencies. They will help get your résumé in order and guide you in the right direction to finding the perfect position. If they have jobs available and you meet the requirements, they’ll present you to the client and set up an interview for you.

Some agencies will even coach you in the application process. They offer interview advice, what you should include on your résumé and answer any questions you might be intimidated to ask the employer.

Staffing agencies offer many recruitment services that are beneficial to anyone looking to find a position or start a new career. The job market is rough and there’s a lot of competition. Everyone can use some help when looking for a job, and staffing agencies are there to help you find the perfect position.

About the Author: Richard Niggemann is an employment specialist who loves helping people find new or better work. Recruitment services offer plenty of great opportunities many would not be able to find on their own.

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