Spring Bass Fishing

Unquestionably the best time to lure in the largemouth, spring bass fishing is usually very different from other times of the year. Because bass spawning occurs in the spring, it will bring the bass into the shallow parts of the body of water you are fishing. Bass will come in to areas of water that may be as little as 2 feet deep.

Spring Bass Fishing During the Pre-Spawn

Several weeks before bass actually spawn, they will begin to move into the shallow water as it begins to warm up. The males come in first, and will begin feeding when the water temperature gets into the 50 degrees. If the weather cools down, the bass will retreat to deeper water until it warms up again. This cycle may occur several times during the pre-spawning period.

But when the water temperatures get into the high 50s, bass will begin the binge. This is where you will be able to catch lots of fish, just by being in the water and tossing good solid bass lures. Focus on the shallow areas where there are changes in the bottom structure, and preferably where there is good bass cover.

Catching the Fish During the Spawn

When the temperature gets into the middle 60s, the female bass will deposit their eggs. After they deposit their eggs, there will be a period of time where the females retreat and recuperate, before coming back in to feed. But the males are in charge of protecting their young in the spawning ground, and thus if you get your lure near one them, you could get a defensive strike, and pull in a good fish.

Focus on fishing likely bass spawning areas like a patch of bulrush weeds or other good cover area in shallow, warm water. Work your baits slow, and give them plenty of lure action while you do.

Post Spawning Spring Bass Fishing

When the water temperature gets above 70 degrees, normal bass activity will commence. You’ll find them feeding in the shallows at times (usually morning and evening), and in the deeper, cooler water for most of the day. Middle to deep running crankbaits and bass fishing worms will be the likely candidates for fishing the post spawn.

The southern states may see a spawning period of anywhere from February to April in a typical year. But with cooler temperatures in northern states, the spawning period might just be a few weeks, beginning some time in May and finishing up in June. Whatever your case may be, being out on the water fishing during the pre-spawn, spawn, and post spawn for largemouth bass is definitely exciting!

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  1. Great tips. I always look forward to spring time bass fishing. When they are in the shallows I’d be hard pressed to find a topwater lure that doesn’t work! I try to keep my bass fishing to a minimum during the spawn though because when the males are being caught they are leaving their young behind to possibly being eaten by other fish.

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