Some States Looking to Extend Unemployment Benefits to Slow Foreclosures

As the economy continues the slump, and people continue refusing to take a pay cut in order to get work, states look to extending unemployment benefits to curtail real estate foreclosures, among other things. Arizona and Wisconsin have made the move to increase these benefits already.

According, unemployment poses great risks to the economy, and extending unemployment can help greatly.

I disagree with this viewpoint. Keeping people out of work increases the tax burden on those who do work, which hurts the responsible citizens. The answer is to allow those who won’t work to suffer the consequences of their actions; losing their homes, cars, and whatever else they may have acquired through borrowing. It may sound drastic and heartless, but we have to have people working, and there are many jobs and opportunities available, the problem is, these opportunities are not what the unemployed want, so they refuse to work.

When it comes down to it, if you lose your job, you have to do what you have to do, even if it means taking a job at the local grocery store or fast food restaurant. Nothing says you can’t look for a better job while you are doing what you have to do to survive. But government hand outs are just not the answer.

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