Simplify Your Housing Search

Searching for a new home is an exciting adventure. Simplifying your house hunting requires patience, research and dedication. It might take you a while to find the house you truly want, but it is more important to wait for the perfect one versus settling for something you are not sure about. Never take this decision lightly; it will be a decision that affects your daily and long-term life as well. Below are five ways you can simplify the search for your dream home.

The Housing Market

Before you get down to serious house hunting, become familiar with the housing market. You want to be pretty well educated before you head out looking for homes. Sit down before you go, and decide what you can or cannot afford in the current housing market. Prepare yourself for the current market prices of homes. It is better to know ahead of time instead of being shocked later.

Find an Agent

Think about using a buyer’s agent to help you with your home search. A good agent can really simplify the process for you. Check out the reputation of the agent you choose, and feel free to shop around looking at a few different agents. Find someone who you feel confident about and someone you feel comfortable being around.

Know What You Want

Before you go house hunting, create a list of the things you want to have in your home. Maybe you want an island in your kitchen or a front porch. Know how many bathrooms and bedrooms you want and if you want a study room or office. Having this list will help the agent identify your dream home. Talk about these options with your family so that everyone is on the same page. This also ensures that no time is wasted when looking.


When you go house hunting, take your time. Never rush into buying the first nice house you see. Consider the location, the house and the condition the house is in. Think about how long you intend to live at this property. Consider the growth of your family and the schools in the area. If you plan to stay in the home a while, think long-term.


When you think you found a house that fits, research a bit deeper. Find out if the foundation is secure and if the roof is in good condition. If you feel it is time to make an offer on the home, have a complete house inspection performed on the home. If there are significant damages, be ready to walk away from the home or have the homeowners compensate you for the damages so that you can fix them yourself. Some damages are tough to fix and some are easy. If you are unsure of the depth of the damage, ask an expert.

The most important aspect of house hunting is finding the best property for you. Never be afraid to ask someone for help, and make the process as simple as you can by taking advantage of the tips above.

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Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher located in Austin, Texas. He is in the process of buying a second home in Houston and found the real estate agents at Urban Leasing & Realty to be very helpful during his housing search.

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