Should You Buy That House With A Swimming Pool?

When we are looking for a new family home, we usually have a list of requirements that help us when making a shortlist.  Some of us absolutely must have a home with a swimming pool and other times we would rather focus on other features such as location and that extra bathroom. What happens when we come across a lovely home that ticks all of the boxes but has an added bonus? Perhaps we never considered having this awesome water feature with added functionality, but we have been faced with the option of buying such a place.  This article deals with this scenario and offers a few tips that may help us to decide whether or not to go ahead with this purchase.

Positive Vibes

A swimming pool is a beautiful and functional feature that would make any family home proud and will definitely add some value to the occasion. In recent times, we have started to spend more time and money on sculpting our outdoor spaces into a thing of beauty. Swimming pools are definitely part of this trend and can bring a lot of extra things to our lives. Your children will benefit from a readymade watery gym and your friends will be fighting over those invites to your next barbeque. Swimming is also an excellent way to remove stress after a hectic week in the office.

On The Other Hand

You should also consider a few less positive aspects before taking that plunge, excuse the pun! You will need to be responsible regarding the safety aspects of inheriting a swimming pool. Your children need to be monitored and trained in the aspect of how to behave around a potentially dangerous water feature. These are the details that families discuss fully before having a swimming pool added to their homes, you already have the pool, so discuss away before agreeing on the move. You should probably have a child proof fence installed if one isn’t already in place. You need to consider the maintenance of the pool and should probably look into asking a pool company to look after it whilst you settle into your new home.

Other Pool-Related Questions

When you are buying a family home, you will often have a list of questions regarding certain aspects of the property, you can add these following inquiries to your future swimming pool issue:

  • Are there many pools in your new area? Will the house be easy to sell if you decide to move after a while? The climate and available swimming hours will be a big factor in this equation.
  • Does your pool compliment the house it is attached to? Often, swimming pools have been added as an afterthought and can look less than attractive as a result.
  • Is the pool in good condition? If it hasn’t been well maintained it can often lead to unnecessary expense.

Follow Your Head

Only you and your family can make the final decision, but consider these points before making that commitment. A swimming pool can be an excellent addition to any family home, just ensure you are saying yes for the right reasons.


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