Real Estate Agents Feeling the Economical Effects

As I have mentioned earlier, realtor incomes have dropped down to an average of $34,100 per year, mostly due to the extremely poor performing real estate market. There are far fewer buyers out there that are qualified to buy, and the ones that can, are very uncertain and very unwilling to buy.

But consider this quote by Alan J. Heavens:

Eight out of 10 real estate agents are independent contractors, not salaried or commissioned employees.

So not only are these agents’ earnings diminishing, but at the same time they are having to incur the costs of having their own business, and steadily increasing prices on necessities like gas, food, etc. But what a great opportunity for those who endure. If you start differentiating yourself now, and are able to weather the storm, you will come out very strong in the coming years.

You can read Alan’s article here:

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