Quick Tips For Managing Your Reputation Online In The Home Services Industry

In the home services industry, a good online reputation can be the backbone to snagging a potential client. Poor reviews or unflattering content that shows up when your services are searched on Google does not help your chances with prospective customers. We’ve put together a list of five effective ways you can help manage your online reputation in order to look your best online for clients.

Google Yourself

Whether it’s you or your company, nowadays Google in one of the first place check to find information about your firm and reputation online. Checking yourself can help you take control of what others find about your services and you online.

Make yourself a Google profile. Here you’re in control of what information others see such as your contact info, personal bio, etc. Google profile also allows you to link other sites that relate to you and your services. This all helps provide content you want people to see.

For unwanted content that shows up on Google that may not be under your control, there are several steps you can take. You can send Google a legal removal request if the content can be removed on a legal basis, or use Google’s Webmaster tools to request the removal of content that isn’t live (i.e. displays old information about you).

Use Positive Information Against Negative

You may not always be able to have another web master take down their content, whether it’s a negative review of your services or something a competitor says. The best way to combat this is by actively putting out positive content about your business. Counter bad pictures with good ones for example.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Address any complaints or unsatisfied customers. If someone has given a bad review, inquire why and attempt to address the issue. Be willing to provide your services again until the customer is satisfied, this guarantee will also help attract future prospective customers.

Invite Reviews

If there are any negative reviews on sites, whether it’s Yelp or posts on your social media outlet, counterbalance them with positive reviews. This follows the same strategy of fighting the negative with the positive. Ask satisfied clients to provide their take on your business on the same sites, giving prospective clients a chance to see both sides of customer satisfaction. You can also offer incentives to customers for writing reviews, such as 10 percent off the next time you provide your service. Not only will that encourage customer reviews, an incentive will increase the likelihood of positive customer feedback.

Utilize Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are to just name a few. Maintaining these social media outlets gives you platforms to post your content on, as well as a means to connect to your client and prospective client base. It also gives you an advantage in Google searches, particularly with Google+. Sure not everyone talks about it, but it is a Google product all the same and for that reason the search engine will favor content from plus.

It also gives clients the opportunity to write reviews easily for your services, on sites where you have the ability to moderate posts. Posting regular content through these outlets also keeps you on customers’ newsfeeds, acting as a small regular reminder of your services. All of these social media outlets add to your online presence and legitimacy, helping your reputation online.

Jon Bibb is the owner of Steamer’s Carpet Care in San Antonio, Texas. Steamer’s Carpet Care provides everything from traditional steam cleaning to around-the-clock emergency water extraction services to the San Antonio and New Braunfels areas.

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