Pond Bass Fishing Hot Spots

As promised, in today’s edition I want to follow up on yesterday’s Pond Bass Fishing article, and show you some pond bass fishing hot spots, or where to locate the bass during the different seasons of the year. Now depending on the size and depth of the pond, it may be easier or harder to find them. If the pond is really small, shallow, and mostly consistent vegetation throughout, you can probably just throw your lure out in the middle and retrieve it, and find fish. But if there is some structure to the bottom of the pond, and some deep water, then you’ll need to observe some basic bass patterns throughout the year’s seasons.

Spring Pond Bass Fishing

As is the case for most fishing, spring is the best time for catching bass in ponds. The bass will be coming into the shallowest parts of the water to nest, and will be very hungry. Look for sparse vegetation, and work the edges of those submerged cover areas. Water depths of 1-5 feet are going to best for fishing. Because ponds are generally shallower than lakes, the water will warm up faster than lakes, thus the spring pattern may start several prior to the pattern on the lakes.

Summer Pattern

Especially in southern states, the summer (and early fall) pattern will be challenging. This case is further compounded by very shallow ponds, as the water will be extremely warm, and the bass will not have any deep, cooler water for refuge. Thus they will become lethargic, and very difficult to catch. Remember, bass get sluggish when the water temperature exceeds 80 degrees. If the pond is deep enough to provide cooler water, the bass will hang out along weed lines in medium depth waters, and will be looking to feed.

Fall Pond Bass Fishing

Towards the end of the fall, when the temperatures start to cool off, the bass will begin to locate in deeper water, around the sheers and sharp slopes of the pond. You may still be able to catch them, it will just take a little more patience, slower retrieves, and deeper running lures.

Winter Pattern

During the winter, pond bass will very likely be located near fish attractors, and / or the deepest part of the pond. They will still try to find cover in submerged grass, etc. but will be sluggish and difficult to catch. Use your deep worms or other lures, work them very slowly, and look for slight taps on the line. Give the fish a chance to take the bait, before trying to set the hook.

Again, ponds can yield some incredible bass results. Especially when bass are allowed to populate for a number of years, and not fished out early. I hope this article was helpful, and I would like to ask you to leave any comments or quuestions you have in the comment box below. Thanks, and to your bass fishing success!

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