Night Crappie Fishing

An excellent technique indeed, night crappie fishing can sometimes out-do regular daytime crappie fishing. There is a distinction between crappie and some other game fish out there, and that is the way they see. Crappie are able to see colors fairly well, so you can use that to your advantage at night. But let me show you some key things you can use for some successful night crappie fishing.

1. Make sure you have good lively bait

If you have a live well, this isn’t much of a problem. But if you don’t, you can just get you a small clip on battery operated floating aerator for $20-$30 from your local outdoors store or Wal-Mart. These will come with a cord and two clips to hook up to your 12 volt battery(ies).

2. Find a likely spot for crappie

There are several things that are involved here, like using topographical maps and fish finders, but in general, if you can find an area with excellent cover for the crappie, and there are bait fish in the water, you stand a good chance to catch crappie.

3. Use a light to attract bait fish

Using a submerged green light can really pull in the bait fish, which will in turn, pull in game fish. If you can get a light that submerges down to about five feet, then you stand a much better chance of catching night crappie. Also, there is a product called a crappi candle, which is a light that actually attaches to fishing line, and sheds light directly on your bait! Pretty neat concept, and it works.

4. Chum up the water you will be fishing

Using very small cut up bait fish like blue gill and minnows, and pouring out all the blood and pieces into the water, you can create a scent that will help to attract the crappie. Once you have the light and chum in place, you can wait for about a half hour (or you can begin immediately if your prefer) and then start fishing. Start off about a foot or two from the bottom, right around the edges of the light. Then pull the line up foot by foot until you start getting some strikes.

Well, those are some great starter tips for night crappie fishing. So get on out there and start catch some fish.

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  1. But the most useful advice is to check the drag. A good rule of thumb is to only set the drag on your reel to a maximum of 25% of the pound test of the line. Chances are that if you keep getting broken off your drag is way too tight. An easy way to check this and fortunately most of us vain fisherman have one of these is a hand weight scale used for weighing those bruisers of fish that we happen to get boat side for bragging rights later. Simply tie a loop to the end of your line and pull on it to see that the drag is set to (at a maximum) 25% of the line weight that you are currently using.

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