Massive Foreclosures, Massive Profits for Landlords

It is so interesting when looking at market trends, no matter what is happening in the market, there is always money to be made. All you have to do is know what strategies work for particular market conditions.

And this is absolutely true when it comes to the real estate market. Foreclosures are at record highs. Furthermore, according to recent U.S. Census data, some 1/3 of houses that are occupied are occupied by renters, not home owners. This is a substantial increase.

So what does that mean to you as a real estate investor?

It means that you have a tremendous opportunity not only to buy houses at a discount, but you have a ready market of folks looking to rent. So if you are a real estate rehabber, you just need to adjust your strategy a little bit to include some deals that you hang on to and cash out over the next few years as rental properties.

Trust me, down markets are the best time to position yourself for massive profits. Don’t let these record lows pass you by…

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