Marketing Domination: Give First to Get

It is an obvious fact that we want to make money in our chosen field. The problem is, when the potential client senses this, it often drives them away. Nothing is worse for a marketer than when the potential customer thinks they are just in it to make money.

So the question is, how do you prevent this from happening?

Very simply put, you need to truly be a help to your potential clients. Have gifts for them up front, without them having to pay for anything. You’ll be surprised, but when you do this, there is an immediate connection, and in the client’s eyes, you have moved from just another money grubbing peddler, to a trusted friend.

That is of course, if you give them something of value. It is absolutely critical to ensure you provide them value up front, without charge.

So be creative, if you are in the real estate market, think of something of high value, like a print out of local school ratings, or a list of moving companies, or tv and internet providers, or list of mortgage companies, or perhaps a guide to first time home buying. You could even offer something tangible, like a free coke, or a coupon for savings off the price of their home.

Just be creative and try not to do the exact same thing you see others doing.


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