Make Your House The Envy Of Your Neighborhood in 5 Easy Steps!

It is said that a house is made of bricks and beams but a home is made of hopes and dreams. A charming fusion of the two makes for something that most call the dream house. Adorn the house with your dreams, aspirations and hopes and it will be the kind that most see as the perfect house. One of the best ways to increase the appeal and value of a house is to have amazing exteriors. Beautiful exteriors make everyone want to come in and see what’s inside. Here are some of the ways to make your house the best looking house in the neighborhood.

Dress up the front door

One of the easiest ways to revamp your home exteriors is to repaint your front door. Choose bright and eye catching colors or a custom made wooden door. Clean any spots you find around the door knob. Install fixtures with metallic finish to provide the door a personality. After dressing it up beautifully, you can go crazy with ideas to add pizzazz to the front porch. Be it a traditional wreath or a decorative flower bucket, will only enhance its appeal.

Install solar lighting

Going green is the mantra these days and understandably so. It has become the need of the hour to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible. While doing up the exteriors of your house, try to merge these two objectives to cut down on cost and use natural resources. Install solar lights in an area that receives natural light. You can hang or mount the light or even use ground stakes. These lights are decorative and utilitarian too.

Decorate the windows

Any window décor can add personality to the exterior of your house. So you must be extremely careful about the kind you choose. There are various options available to choose from. Automatic blinds, guided awnings, canopies and hoods, these serve various different purpose and go a long way in beautifying the exterior.

Revamp the garage door

The garage door is sometimes the most ignored part of the house. However, while redoing the look, underestimating the power of the garage door will be foolish. Generally, the garage door is painted the same color as the house which reduces the overall visual impact. While enhancing the appeal of the exteriors of your house, get imaginative with the garage door. Using a contrast color is one of the things you can do.

Replace old hardware

Hardware like house number, mailbox, porch lights and other upgrades go a long way in showing off the personality of the home owner. These are small things but have the power to give your front porch a complete facelift. Make sure the mailbox is in tandem with the trimmings of your house or the neighboring flower garden. The door knob is one of the first things that guests notice before entering the house. These small things make a big difference. So choose wisely.

Mark Twain left us an interesting nugget that goes something like “Clothes maketh the man” We believe it and pay much attention to the way we look. Let’s apply the same for our houses and create something that captures imagination of one and all!

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