Major Players Testing IPv6

This week, some major players like Google and Facebook will be testing the new internet protocol, IPv6. And while this protocol is not new, it does have certain issues when being meshed with the current IPv4 standard. Why are they upgrading? Because we have to. The last batch of IPv4 addresses were assigned back in February, and in order to expand, we must have a new protocol.

So basically, the new protocol will handle an insane number of addresses online, some 34 undecillion addresses (so add 37 zeros to the the end of 34, and you have it). That is absolutely amazing! Room for anyone on the planet to have trillions of online gadgets and websites for themselves. Is that enough for you? I think I can manage with that many.

While I am a techy at heart, some of the deep technical stuff that doesn’t have much real world application I leave for the “super geeks”. So if you want to know more about this, click here.

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