Let Social Media Turbo Boost Your Home Improvement Projects!

Home improvement projects are only as good as the inspiration behind them, and sometimes your ideas bank can become a bit empty. We usually check out the latest magazines or speak to our friends about what new designs are currently out there. But you can also use social media sites for some fantastic DIY suggestions. It is just a matter of knowing where to look and you will soon be back in the game. This article looks at 3 social media sites that really deliver those home improvement goods right to your doorstep! If you are currently having a dry spell regarding decorating suggestions please put your feet up for a few minutes and have a read.


YouTube is probably not everyone’s idea of a social media site, but we think it as an excellent source of useful ideas for home improvement. Sure, it has more than its fair share of cute puppies and dodgy video shorts, but it also hosts some awesome DIY tips. You will find thousands of clips that show you how to do whatever it is that you need advice on. Most of them include a helpful narrative and you get to see the whole project from beginning to end. There are also some funny DIY disaster videos to let you know how NOT to tackle that tricky job. As well as searching for your desired activity, there are also a number of very helpful channels that feature home improvement and nothing else! The best ones to look out for are Ehow.home and AskTheBulder.com. If you are feeling brave, why not upload your own project on there and see what lovely comments your handywork attracts?


This is an excellent source of home improvement inspiration because it basically centres around the world of DIY and other home based tasks. Once you have created your profile and joined the community you will soon be in the loop regarding the latest and greatest ways to beautify your home. You will be able to interact with thousands of likeminded folk who know a thing or two about home improvement.  You will have your own blog space and can easily upload pictures and videos to show off your silky skills! You can also comment on their members’ blogs and will never have a question that can’t be answered. It bears a passing resemblance to Facebook but it is all about home improvement and nothing else! It only takes a few minutes to join and you will be in a loop of clever ideas and friendly advice.


This is a newcomer to the social media scene but is heralded to be the next big thing! It is a huge bulletin board that has sections for almost every interest known to man, hence the name! DIY is represented and you will soon be swamped with novel ideas regarding your next home improvement project. You can share your own visions with your new found web friends and will be part of a huge worldwide community!

So What Are You Waiting For?

There we have 3 very cool ways to spice up your idea bank and if you are stuck between which one to join, we say why not join them all?

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Today’s guest blogger, William Levis, is a supplier of faux wood blinds in New York City. He believes the use of social media sites such as YouTube or Pinterest can provide useful and novel ideas regarding your home improvement project.

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