It Is About Time You Created A Mediterranean Style While Living In Your Seaside Villa!

If you are looking for a way to create an exotic home that is beautiful and unique, the Mediterranean style can give you exactly what you need. This style of architecture has been around for years and it is often characterized by different details from the European Renaissance era. This home design ensures comfort in any environment or climate and it is ideal for your home in an exotic resort location. There are three main factors to consider when you choose this architectural style.

The Architectural Design


Mediterranean architecture combines features that include natural stone, arched portals, stone columns, arched windows, clay tile roofs and vestibule entrances among others. The design usually includes a well-sculptured passage from the entrance to the interior of the building. Tall and wide entry doors made of solid wood and wrought iron grilles, usher visitors into a home where open-air porches help to keep the interior temperature cool in hot climates.

The houses are mainly single-storied and they have a courtyard, which in most locations has a pool, fountain or lush garden. In most cases, the homes come with a gate and fence to enhance security and privacy.

The Interior Design

Pasadena City Hall and Corridor

The Mediterranean style usually includes high beamed ceilings made from dark wood and ceramic tile floors. These features, along with the wide doors, help to keep the home cool by allowing enhanced air circulation. The walls are usually textured with plaster or stucco, with arched openings separating the different rooms. The homes have open floor plans that help to keep the home informal and comfortable. Mediterranean living embraces a casual style that encourages asymmetrical and informal arrangements that blend the indoor and outdoor spaces. Cool colors like blue, green, pale pink, yellow and others, help to keep the interior attractive.

Decorative Elements


The design is not complete without decorative elements that help to enhance both the exterior and the interior beauty. Carved stone, limestone, terra cotta and concrete ornaments are just some of the elements that help to draw attention to the features. They are especially fitting around the arched windows and the wide doors.

Arcades help to enhance the open areas, creating covered areas that enhance the living spaces. Wrought iron grilles, chandeliers, wall scones, railings and other hardware are common features of the home style. Several niches in the walls as well as the arched openings that connect the interior spaces provide a perfect display location for art items and other decorative objects.

The Mediterranean style is a fusion of many ideas from different regions that have evolved over the centuries. The blended styles have different elements that appeal to different people and the style is versatile enough to work for different regions. The design is ideal for locations that experience a lot of heat or humidity. For those who live in exotic seaside locations, this style helps them to enjoy the environment both inside the home and outdoors. This style has become popular as people look for ways to create living spaces that are both attractive and comfortable.

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