Is It Really A “Buyer’s Market”? – Part 1

You hear the term ALL the time if you are in real estate (sometimes even if you aren’t), am I right?!

Most agents truly believes it is. (Article)

So let us take a brief look at it:

U.S. real estate sales are at all-time lows, many pundits profess.

Yes, you can get what most would consider an outstanding price on a first home, or an investment home.

I myself recently bought a house for about 35% under its appraised value.

So I am certainly not going to argue that it isn’t a buyer’s market!

But I will say this, in my humble opinion: be careful not to buy JUST because it is seemingly a good time to – noone that I have heard of lately truly knows what the U.S. economy is going to do. Stay tuned for more on the subject…

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