How To Sell Your House In 5 Days

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Yes, you can sell your home in five days! And no, this isn’t a late-night infomercial! You really can sell a home in five days, and there’s more than one method for doing it. When nothing else has worked or time isn’t on your side, one of these techniques just might do the trick for you.

We can’t promise that any of these techniques will get you the results you need, but all of them have been successful in the past. Here are four ways to sell you home in five days:

1. The By-The-Book Method

Now in it’s third edition, the book “How To Sell Your Home in 5 Days” by William G. Effros proposes one often-mentioned method for selling a home in five days. While we won’t give away the entire process and risk a lawsuit from the publisher, here’s the essence of it: You price your home at half of what it’s worth, advertise it heavily and then you put it up for auction on the fifth day and let the market drive the price right back up where it should be. Of course, this might not work in a weak market or if you don’t get the word out about your auction.

2. The Delisting Method

If your home has already been up for sale for a long time, delisting for five days seems like a strange idea. But when you relist it after five days, it’s new. You make some small changes to your newspaper ads and your MLS listing, then you get all the attention that other newly listed properties do. You just have to make sure you say something different than you did the first time. And there’s no guarantee that the property will sell immediately or at all, so it could actually take longer than five days to get an offer.

3. The Price-Low Method

Not to be confused with the By-The-Book Method, in this case you simply lower your asking price. If your home is overpriced, this could get things moving for you. Rather than getting passed over because your price is too high, multiple buyers could bid the home back up to your original price. Again, this process could take much more than five days, but it could get you some immediate attention if you had been asking too much.

4. The One-Day-Sale Method

A version of the By-The-Book Method, this approach requires posting signs and flyers and otherwise drawing attention for a one-day home sale. The idea is that if buyers think a property is only available for a day, they will all rush over to see if they can grab it cheap. You take sealed bids — rather than having a live auction — and accept one of them if it’s enough. You can reserve the right to reject them all if you like.

Instead, you could look for a real estate agent who is attentive enough and motivated enough to help you make a quick sale. Or you could sell your home to a builder or remodeler. You could even sell it for less than it’s actually worth to one of those “ugly houses” companies that closes sales quickly and accepts homes as they are, even if they’re in rough shape.

When trying to sell a home in five days, there are no guarantees. But for some properties in some circumstances, it can be done.

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Brian Talley is an Austin REALTOR® and the CEO of Regent Property Group, a boutique real estate brokerage specializing in luxury home sales and waterfront real estate on Lake Austin.

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