How To Negotiate And Get An Amazing House Deal

Moving homes is extremely stressful and many people would consider it among the most stressful of all scenarios they experience. Even when you’ve chosen a home, nothing is certain and you could end up out of pocket as you pay for surveys, moving vans and other things associated with purchasing a property.

Most people expect they will pay around £4,000 in extras for the home. It’s not a small sum of money. However, it’s possible to feel good about it if you negotiate a great deal and for many homes that are 5% or more above their budget can often be negotiated downwards. So, here are some tricks of the negotiation trade.


Make sure to ask the vendor or the person who is showing and selling the property whether you can make an offer for the property that is below the asking price and whether the seller may be inclined to take it. Ask them then what sum do they think that the person would potentially take.

Start Low

Starting low gives you the chance to increase your bid, but if you start too high you can’t go the other way. The best way to approach this is by calling the agent and offering and when you hear the response, continually being quick with more sums. This will ensure that you don’t lose out to someone else.

Be Strong

Being strong when entering can make all the difference and by approaching this with some knowhow you can win them over. Find similar properties in the area that are selling for less and use this as a bargaining tool.


Timing is everything in this scenario and if the property has been on the market for a period of time then you can negotiate a price reduction. Also, if the seller is moving for a certain reason you can use this as leverage to encourage them to sell home quick. For instance if they are moving to be nearer school they will want children to be settled before September. Facilitating them in this instance may help lower the cost of the home.

Be Personable

Lots of people choose home owners because they like the people and want to see their home going to good hands. Be personable and friendly and polite as this may stand to you when it comes time to negotiate.

Other things to remember

There are a number of other things to consider. Stamp duty is certainly something that should be thought about before buying a home.  So, too is the offer. Do not offer more than you can afford as this will end up causing your problems.

If you follow these rules you can cut costs and most likely save on the price of your new home – something that could really make you all the happier.

Cormac Reynolds writes on a range of financial and home moving topics and has covered a lot of these issues himself.

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