How to Automatically Post to Twitter and Facebook

Automation is the secret sauce to marketing online. And like you, I wanted to know how to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. And now that I have learned how, I can show you how to do it quickly and easily.

So as long you have a WordPress or RSS powered site, here’s how to auto post to Twitter and Facebook with just a one time, 15 minute investment on your part.

Automatically Posting to Twitter

There are two way to effectively post to Twitter. If you just want to go the free route, you can use Twitter Tools, a popular WordPress plugin to set yourself up for auto posting to Twitter. Just make sure to go into your Twitter Tools settings, input your twitter id, and turn the automatic posting of new posts to twitter to “on” (it is off by default).

Twitter Tools is a great free way to post out all of your new articles automatically, but it lacks in one major area. It does nothing more than post your articles, so you aren’t getting any additional exposure or following in Twitter. But if you get TweetAdder, you don’t need to have any additional plugins, and you can get set up to automatically follow other Twitter users based on a set of keywords you define. This puts you on the radar screen for these users, and many of them will follow you back.

TweetAdder is a desktop software package that you can setup to automatically post your RSS feed to Twitter, but better than that, you can follow and unfollow Twitter users.

Additionally, you can configure the software to post hash tags, prefix text and post text to all of your posts automatically. This greatly increases your chances of building up a strong following in Twitter. Just check my Twitter account for evidence of the success I’ve had with this tool.

I purchased TweetAdder myself (the 5 profile version for a one time cost of $74), and have it installed and configured on my desktop so that I can be anywhere with my laptop, and not have to worry about posts not getting tweeted out to my following. Further, because it is desktop software, it doesn’t add any additional load to your web server, thus keeping your site as fast loading as possible. And speed is becoming increasingly important in Google rankings, so don’t overlook it.

Auto Posting to Facebook

Facebook seems to be a fairly difficult animal to tame, but luckily, I have learned how to setup an RSS feed to automatically post to Facebook. Using Social RSS, and application within Facebook, you can setup your feeds to automatically post to your Facebook account.

Are you interested in automatically posting them to your ‘Wall’ and automatically ‘liking’ them?

Just click on the appropriate settings at the bottom of Social RSS, and this will be done for you automatically, every time. And again, this tool does not rely on WordPress, so you aren’t giving up any speed or load times, or any additional stress on your web server to perform these actions, except for the hits on your RSS feed.

So there you have it. Simple, easy to configure, and automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter. All you need is about 15 minutes to get everything installed and configured, and then it’s hands off for good!

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