Has Google’s Panda Affected You?

No doubt Google is huge. No doubt many people depend on Google for their income. So when Google releases a major update to their algorithm, like the recent Google Panda / Farmer update, a lot of people feel its effects.

Now before I get into the specifics of what happened to me, let me say that Google is a search engine, and their primary focus is on delivering great results to their users.

Unfortunately, there are many, many people out there that try to game Google. So what inevitably happens is that the “gamers” seduce Google into ranking their junk pages, and Google responds by “slapping” them down.

And while I don’t want to see a bunch of junk in the index either, the unfortunate collateral damage is that many highly reputable sites get slapped in the process. And that’s where I get into my story.

Some of my sites have been caught up in all this junk. Fantastic sites that I poured my heart in soul into content development and promotion, which were doing well, until Panda came along. And even more unfortunate than that, some of my top earning sites were hurt, and hurt badly.

All in all, I’d say I lost about 40-50% of my online income. And for being a small business, that hurts REAL bad.

But, I have learned (and implemented) a very valuable lesson. It is better to have and promote a very small number of websites, than trying to go after multiple markets all at once. In the end, you just end up doing a poor job on all of your sites, whereas you could be building a fantastic singular resource for your visitors.

So I have chosen to combine 3 of my sites into 1, and promote this site, Mega Mastery, as my primary resource for you. I really want to see you succeed, and I believe that if I help you succeed, my success will increase.

So what about you…have you been affected by Panda?

If so, would you let me know what happened in the comment section below?

2 thoughts on “Has Google’s Panda Affected You?

  1. I have not noticed any changes. Normally my traffic varies a fair amount day to day or week to week and grow a little bit over time. That seems to continue to be happening. I hear much more form those that lost, but just as many gains as losses should exist.

    I did notice years ago that my tens of fairly small sites started to do less well and it seemed like larger (in content but also traffic) sites seemed to gain. It does seem to me today v. 5 or certain 10 years ago small sites have more trouble.

    • John:

      I agree with you. Many of my small sites were hit. I also have an eCommerce site that was hit by the update. From all the research I have conducted, it seems that the content of the pages on my site, especially the product pages, are the problem. I used the manufacturer’s product descriptions, and so my pages had the same content as many other pages on the web. I am currently upgrading those product pages with custom descriptions.

      We will see what happens after that. I am glad to hear that your business hasn’t suffered much due to this update.

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