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Mega Mastery is currently looking to help you establish yourself online. One of the easiest and cheapest ways for you to get exposure is by submitting articles to quality websites online. Sometimes referred to as guest posts, writing a helpful piece of content for another website is a fantastic way to share your knowledge, and build your authority as a market leader.

The key to leveraging your time writing guest posts is to find the best and most followed websites online to publish to.

Well, you are probably here because you identify that Mega Mastery is one of those sites.

And we want to help you!

We are currently accepting contributors and guest posts on both a one-time and continual basis.

If you’d like to contribute, note that:

  • Your submission must be 100% original. This means it cannot have been posted anywhere else at any time, nor can it be re-posted after we publish it.
  • Your submission must be relevant. Since our site is currently geared towards real estate, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, investors and marketing online, we ask that your post be relevant to this audience. If you are writing a piece of content that is nothing more than a long form ad, it will be rejected.
  • Your submission should be at least 300 words.
  • Your submission should include a short bio (two or three sentences) with a maximum of one link.
  • Your submission may include one additional link in the body (not within the first paragraph) of the text.
  • Your submission may include images, as long as you have the rights to the image and the include proper attribution.
  • We will check out your submission to ensure it is a good fit for our site, and perhaps do some light editing. Once completed, we will schedule your article to be published in our next available guest posting slot. We may also include additional links within the body of your article.

To contribute, register here to guest post. You will receive a password via email, which you can use to login. Then go to Posts -> Add new to submit your first article.

Please make sure to update your profile with your first and last name, and change your nick name to fit your personality.