Great Tips for High Quality Real Estate Videos

I am a fan of video, and have done many videos for online posting myself. So when I saw an article talking about the top 10 tips for hiring a professional videographer to do your real estate video(s), I was definitely interested. One of the things that AGBeat News said in the article that really intrigued me, was this:

6.       Voice Must Be Heard – Ask your vendor to have the agent do the voiceover and appear on camera giving the tour. I understand that professional voiceovers sound impressive, but the agent is selling the home – not the voiceover artist.

Definitely remember that you, the agent, are selling the home. You need to connect with your potential buyers as quickly as possible. So if you are the one being shown and heard in the video, there will be an instant connection established when you meet the potential buyers.

There are 9 more tips on getting the right videographer.

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