Is Government Responsible for Keeping the Real Estate Market Down?

There isn’t any doubt in my mind that government politicians and resulting policies have an effect on the real estate market. To what extent they push the market one way or the other, I am not completely sure about.

But according to Bruce Bialosky, the government has played a significant role in keeping the real estate market from recovering. In his post Homes Are Not the Only Real Estate Being Destroyed by Government, he outlines 6 reasons how government intervention in the housing market has cost us. One of them is this:

1. Government at all levels meddles in the market, forcing anyone who wants to build rental housing to jump through endless hoops, thereby causing interminable delays.

I too, and tired of government intervention, and would prefer them to just stay out of the way, until there is a dispute between people, and then use the court system to settle it.

What do you think?

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