Generating regular income – Best options for stay at home mums

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean that the opportunities are reducing for you but it still is a fact that managing time for full time onsite job gets hard for many mommies. The women who are sole earners of their family find it excruciatingly hard to let someone babysit her infant for long hours and those of you who have experienced it must have noticed that during such circumstances, the work efficiency reduces to a considerable extent.

There of course are various options which allow the working women to continue generating income without needing someone else to take partial care of their child. Yes, I am talking about working from home and it is not the same old data entry or ad posting jobs which you have to choose between. To find a good home based job, you only require keyword search skills and can pick and chose the work which you think you can do from home. The better paid and rather easier yet satisfying tasks to generate regular home base income could be:

Editing and Proofreading:

Many wholesale trading websites get services of freelance writers located across the world. Since the writers are mostly not the natives, careful proofreading and editing is required before the content gets published on certain website. No rocket science is required to be good at proofreading and if you have been part of the blogs and forums like this one, doing proofreading and editing of web content could certainly be your cup of tea.

Bring the work home

If you have proved your worth in the office and gained the position which matters for the company in the longer run, there are some workable solutions for you. You can spend couple of hours in the office and can do the regular coordination, attend the meetings, note down the work for rest of the day and bring it home. In this case, you have to stay one day ahead of your schedule and maintain the work quality so that the management doesn’t regret its decision of giving you such privilege. But obviously not every profession supports such leverage.

Do the Academic writing for students

Many of us agree with the notion that not everyone can be a writer but the reality is shifting now. All you need to become a writer is a flair for certain genre and that‘s about it. If you have to do it for earning purpose, academic writer is the one which pays off very well. For this too, you have to check the forums and wholesale directories where high school students are looking for freelancers who can do their academic projects, write descriptions for their academic backgrounds and make their profile for admission applications. These students are willing to pay more for the quality work done in time.

Home based business for making more bucks

Many business women use their contacts and public dealing skills to operate home based online business. This business can range between selling their used shoes and accessories through eBay or designing and selling handmade artificial jewellery through their own website. Dropshipping is also a popular mean to generate sound income. There are various websites and communities where information, about how dropshipping works and the contact information of the companies which offer better dropshipping deals, is available. You can search them online easily.


These are some of the practical ways of earning money from home. And once you would get the hang of it, you will discover ways to make more money by doing less work. For now, join the forums and portals which are offering freelance services to the employers worldwide.

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