Crikey! Is Melbourne Really The World’s Most Liveable City?

There is no doubt that Melbourne is a fine place to live and probably deserves the accolades of ‘The World’s Most Liveable City’, but why does Australia and Canada seem to wipe the proverbial floor with other big cities, year after year? This year there are 4 Australian cities in the top ten and Canada managed an equal boast. The heavyweight global cities seem to be pulverised in this contest if the results are anything to go by. This article discusses some of the reasons why Melbourne has become top of the pops yet again in this prestigious event.

Why Did The Big Boys Place So Low?

Many people would have placed London in a high spot, primarily because of the history, the shopping and the buzz of this awesome capital – It ranked 55th. That ‘buzz’ is one of the reasons why the mid-sized and smaller cities tend to score higher in this competition. The infrastructure becomes stressed and the congestion/crime issues can spiral as a result. Despite these ‘negative’ factors, many people would rather see the likes of New York, Paris and Rome because of the atmosphere generated by these capital cities.

Why Do Smaller Cities Do Better?

Canada and Australian cities smash the other places into submission by being highly efficient. The infrastructure is solid and the inhabitants feel safe and never have the issues with hideous traffic jams or random crime waves. The policing and other emergency services can cope with whatever these cities decide to throw at them. It can take over an hour for a fire engine or ambulance to get to a residents house in New York!

What Are The Deciding Factors?

Within the top ten of ‘The World’s Most Liveable Cities’, only 1.8% of votes separates them. In reality, any of these could have scooped the top spot. To get such a high ranking in this competition is something to brag about nonetheless. The accolade will attract more visitors and give the current residents a swagger in their step. The fact that these cities usually get a top 20 spot is indeed something worthy of praise.

Do Countries Matter?

There must be an underlying theme that tends to push the ‘Westernised’ cities to the forefront when the criteria were decided. There are some very liveable cities that have scored pretty low, despite the way they attract thousands of new inhabitants year after year. Countries like Chile and Brazil have simply far too many negative factors for their top cities to score highly. This is quite a shame because many people will be missing out on these gems, though I rather think the people living there already will not mind!

Melbourne – Be Proud!

This article is not having a go at Melbourne, because it is a fantastic city and ticks all the boxes with regards liveability. Melbournians should continue to hold up their heads and can crow about how great their city is for a long time coming. No doubt they may swap places with Vancouver or Toronto next year, but they will remain a top ten city for many years to come.

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Andy Murkins is a real estate agent in Melbourne. He loves the city because of its warm and vibrant nature and considers it as the best city in the world. Sketching is his hobby and his works often depict various aspects of the marvelous city.

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