Watch Out for this Craigslist Real Estate Scam!

In their latest scam to steal your money, these unscrupulous characters go out to the web, find real properties that are listed for sale, copy and paste them to Craigslist, offering them for rent.

When they get an interested party, they then ask for you to put down a large deposit on the property, which of course, you’ll never see again. Don’t be fooled by this stuff, make sure you see the property, and confirm that the property is listed with the agent or agency shown on the sign.

Be leery if you don’t see a sign in the yard…

2 thoughts on “Watch Out for this Craigslist Real Estate Scam!

  1. I think that any company asking for a deposit via email or wire is a scam. Great article to warn those who are looking for a new home. Going through an agent is the safest and secure way. Do you know their name or company that they go by?

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