Choosing a Removalist

After spending what was probably not an insignificant amount of money on a new home, it makes little sense to trust any old person with the care of not only your house but also all of your possessions contained within. This is why it is so essential to select a removalist who is dependable and trustworthy and will take the greatest care of your property. A removalist is simply an entity or company that assists in moving household items from your current home to your new home.

Although it might seem like a guarantee that a lot of money spent on a removalist will equal a job well done, this is certainly not always the case. In fact, the amount that you pay for the move rarely means anything when it comes to the job itself. Although paying some extra money could acquire a team of well-dressed individuals in matching uniforms, this is no guarantee that they won’t skimp in the important areas of the removal process.

So, the real question is what should your priorities be when choosing a removal team?


Cost is always an important item to consider when choosing a removalist and there is no doubt about it. As mentioned previously, however, a high cost does not always equal a better job. You also want to be wary of prices changing or of amounts being added throughout the process. Ensure that you know and have confirmed the exact amount that the removal will cost before the job begins. This will help you to avoid any nasty surprises down the road.

Make sure that the removal company provides you with an itemized list of all of the charges that you will be responsible for covering. The majority of removalists work by the hour with charges being accrued every 15 to 30 minutes. The average removalist charges around $92 each hour although there is plenty of room for variation depending upon the company. It is often difficult for either the company or you to determine how much time the process will take, making precise calculation of the final cost almost impossible

There are numerous factors that will affect the total removal cost. The truck’s size, which will affect the number of required trips, the number of the home’s contents, the distance between the original location and the destination, as well as the traffic can affect the final tally. For the most part, one bedroom homes cost an average of $511 to move with two bedrooms costing $551 and three bedrooms around $699. Keep in mind that these amounts can vary greatly depending upon the job as well as the state in which you reside.

Extra fees may be applicable depending upon the particular removal job. For example, many companies will charge extra for homes that have numerous flights of stairs or are difficult to access from the road. The fuel that is used during the transport process is also often charged to the homeowner.

Care and Dependability

Even more important than the cost of the move is the care with which the removalists conduct the process. The goal, of course, is to have all of your possessions moved from one place to another in safety.

In order to prevent breakages, make sure that your removalists are treating all of your items with extreme care. They should be wrapping all items in bubble wrap and placing them as snugly as possible in the truck so that they won’t shift or fall during transport.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen even with the best removalists. Because of this, make sure that the company offers a good insurance policy that will cover any damages to your items. The removalist should also provide coverage for incidents that might occur during the transport process such as collisions.

Pay Attention to Reviews

Before choosing a removalist, do a search online to find out if there are any negative reviews regarding the company you are planning to use. Finding positive testimonials is always a good sign that you have selected the right company!

Final Tips to Ensure Positive Experience

  1. Make sure that you confirm your appointment the day before the scheduled removal date.
  2. Choose the earliest time slot as removalists are often late.
  3. Pack items beforehand.
  4. Assist removalists.

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