Catfish Bait Part 2

As promised, I wanted to give you some more great ideas for what catfish bait to use when you go fishing for these tasty scavenger fish. So without further ado, here they are:

Chicken Livers

With its strong scent and soft consistency, this bait is a proven winner with the smaller channels and blues. The disadvantage to chicken livers is the ease of which they fly off the hook. If you can, freeze your chicken livers, and get them out just a couple of hours before you go out fishing. They’ll be firmer when you attach them to the hook, and won’t fly off as easily when you cast, but they’ll thaw quickly once they sit in the water, and will produce just like fresh chicken livers. Another idea to keep chicken livers on the hook is to use a treble hook or a hook with a bait saver.

Also, as the bait sits in the water, it will begin to lose the blood and scent it is producing. This happens will all baits, but with chicken livers it happens a lot quicker. So check your bait from time to time, and keep those chicken livers fresh! And if you move to a new location to fish, make sure you put on a fresh chicken liver.

Dip Baits

Dip baits are generally a doughy-like mixture that is either a home brewed catfish bait or store bought bait. A dip bait example would be “stink bait” which is a nasty smelling concoction that resembles bad peanut butter. It is sold either in dough balls, or in a can just like peanut butter.

A good dip bait is protein or cheese based, and has a consistency that breaks up gradually over time in the water. Like blood bait, as pieces of it break off, they will move with the current and bring in the catfish. Also, break out your treble hooks and/or bait saver to keep this bait from break up too badly in the water. If you notice that your bait does disappear to quickly, get some catfish tubes from your local fishing store, and place your dip bait inside. These tubes are designed to release the bait over a period of time, and can help to provide you the ideal situation for catching catfish, entice them to feed, and lead them to your hook!

Night crawlers

Almost everything in the water will hit a night crawler. It is something about worms that just drive fish (and definitely catfish) nuts. The problem with night crawlers is that they are a smaller bait (even the king size night crawlers) and generally produce smaller fish. My night crawler success has mostly been with small channel catfish, but that isn’t to say that you can’t catch good fish on these guys.

Hook the night crawler as many times as you can, because the catfish don’t care what it looks like. You just want to have your hook all through the night crawler, to make sure when the catfish hits, you will be getting a hook in him, and not letting the fish strip the worm off the hook.

One thought on “Catfish Bait Part 2

  1. What I use for the Chicken Livers is you go out to the store and buy some pantie hoses. You then cut them up into about 4″ squares and take the chicken liver and put it in there and wrap them up like a piece of candy. Then take some elastic thread and wrap it a couple times around the top and then you won’t loose your bait when you cast, or to little fish wanting to eat your bait.

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