Best Real Estate Websites for Agents

Unfortunately, most companies producing sites for real estate professionals really aren’t providing the best real estate websites for agents. You see, their focus is to trap the agent into a monthly agreement that they cannot feasibly exit, without significant costs (as much as 5 figures or more). So let me just give you the high points of what a top real estate website should have.

Real Estate Websites for Agents Should Have Property Listings

I know this may sound obvious and trivial, but your website needs to have some kind of IDX or other ability to provide up to date listings for your buyers. Buyer traffic accounts for 80% or more of online real estate traffic, so most of your focus should be here. Tools like IDX Broker and dsIDXpress can enable your existing or new website to pull in IDX feeds.

If you cannot afford one of these options, then consider “iframing” your IDX feed from your local MLS board. This is generally very easy to do, and most MLS systems should have documentation on how to properly iframe their feeds.

Your Real Estate Web Site Should Have Property Search Capability

Next most important thing is for your website to have a search function to allow users to easily find properties in the area. This functionality should work hand in hand with your IDX solution to make it quick and easy for your site’s visitors to find what they are looking for.

And if you can add the ability to save those searches, and provide price reductions and new listing updates to your visitors by email, you will be able to build a tremendous list of buyers.

Having a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Website

Once you meet the initial buyers needs for a website they can trust to get the information they want on real estate listings, the next thing you need to do is get them to “see” your website. This includes many things, such as optimizing your urls (ex., optimizing your meta title and description tags, and producing continually updated, quality content to your website, and to other websites online to attract high quality backlinks with your desired anchor text, just to name a few.

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