Bass Fishing Waters

The largemouth bass is very tolerant when it comes to the types of habitats with which it lives. Therefore bass may be found in many different types of bodies of water. But the key thing to remember is that the best bass fishing waters include cover – such as submerged tree branches, lilly pads, weeds, and rocks. Some of the best bass fishing that I have done has been near rocks, and finding bass underneath them. But let’s look at some of the more predominate bass fishing waters:

Ponds and Tanks

Whether natural or man made, when you have a small, shallow body of water full of natural habitat, cover, and bass…you are sure to be “shooting fish in a barrel”. I love tank fishing. I remember a contact we had growing up who had a bass tank that was full of ridiculously sized bass! It was awesome catching 3 lbs + bass on small spinner baits in this bass loaded tank. What a rush!

Man Made Lakes

Also known as reservoirs, these lakes are typically created to control flooding. These lakes may also provide a reliable source of water to communities and farmers. Again, lakes with plenty of submerged trees, rocks, etc. will yield greater chances for catching bass. Warmer, shallower lakes tend to be better as well.

Natural Lakes

Just like man made lakes, look for natural lakes that are fairly shallow, have plenty of weeds, rocks and cover, and set sail. Warmer water is better, but don’t be afraid to try cooler lakes that still have good bass habitat. You won’t regret it.

Streams, Rivers & Estuaries

These locations can also be a great place to catch bass. Look for slow moving water that has all the same submerged cover for bass, and you will be looking at a great opportunity. You’ll also be able to find good bass populations in the brackish waters of estuaries, where the mouth of a river meets the ocean. Bass can survive and even thrive in this mixed salt water and fresh water type environment.

Now exactly where to find fish within a body of water? Well I will address that in my next bass fishing article. Just stay tuned and continue checking this blog for more information.

The bottom line for bass fishing waters is shallow, warm, slow moving bodies of water with lots and lots of cover for bass to hide in. It is often difficult to fish these types of waters, because of always having to deal with getting your bait stuck in weeds, rocks or tree branches; but to catch fish, you have to go where they are! That’s why a lot of bass fisherman use worms or other weedless lure setups to ensure the best odds of catching fish, while NOT getting tangled in the habitat.

Stay tuned for more…

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