Best Bass Fishing Lakes

If you are looking for the best bass fishing lakes across America, then you have come to the right location. But before I give you the list of some of the more well known lakes across the country, let me give you some tips about what to look for when you are in search for a great bass fishing lake. Outside of this website, generally the place you’ll want to look to is your state’s parks and wildlife division. They will usually print a no cost pamphlet on hunting and fishing, which will include all the size limits and restrictions placed on hunting and fishing across state, but a lot of times, they will give you some locations in their publications as well.

You can find these materials in grocery stores, discount stores, and outdoor stores all across the country. Just go in and ask for guides published by your state’s parks and wildlife division. The information will usually be located in the same area where they sell and distribute hunting and fishing licenses.

What to Look for in Bass Fishing Lakes

Just remember what makes bass fishing waters great – lots of varied structured, lots of cover, and warm, but not hot water. Remember that bass usually bite the best when the water temperature is between 68 and 80 degrees. So once you have your sights set on a particular lake to fish, see if the parks and wildlife division has a topographic map of that lake. Look for points, drop offs, holes, and any other sharp contrasting structure. These will be good areas to test when you are fishing.

Then, ask them if there are any fishing reports for that lake. This will give you an idea of what type of lures are working for that lake, and that season. It should also let you know about the water clarity, temperature, and movements of the bass.

After that, check the weather report, and make sure that there will not be a significant change in the weather when you go fishing. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as you can catch tons of bass just before a cold front hits, but it may kill the rest of your fishing. Steady weather patterns create steady bass feeding patterns, making the fishing reports reliable.

The Best Bass Fishing Lakes

Ok, so now that you have an idea of what to look for in a lake, let me give you a list of top bass fishing lakes in the US. Here they are:


Lake Guntersville
Elk River
Wheeler Lake
Pickwick Lake


White River Delta
Beaver Lake
Dierks Lake
Bull Shoals Lake
Dequeen Lake


Lake Folsum
Big Bear Lake
Collins Lake
Buena Vista Lake


Barr Lake
Bear Creek
Georgetown Lake
Main Lake
Sloans Lake
Webster Lake


Farm 13 / Stick Marsh
Kenansville Lake
Lake Okeechobee
Lake Rousseau
Lakes Orange And Lochloosa
Lakes Poinsett And Winder
Lake George
Crescent Lake
The Kissimmee River
St. Johns River
Lake Istokpoga
Lake Tsala Apopka
Ocala Forest Lakes


Lake George
Carters Lake
Kackson Lake
Lake Russell
West Point Lake


Table Rock Lake
Longview Lake
Norfork Lake
Stockton Lake
Table Rock Lake
Wappappello Lake

North Carolina

Kerr Lake
Apalachia Lake
Badin Lake
Hiwassee Lake


Lake Amistad
Canyon Lake
Falcon Lake
Lake Buchanon

This list was courtesly provided by Dan Eggertsen of and his US bass fishing page.

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