Bass Fishing In March

Ah…the spring spawning season, bass fishing in March. This is the time of year when you see the most tournaments and activity throughout the country on all the best lakes. I love fishing for bass in March, because there is so much activity. I generally go out as many times as possible during this month, to try and take advantage of the good fishing.

March Bass Fishing In Cool Waters

Depending on what region of the country you are in, you are going to be experiencing different temperatures. Water temperatures of about 40 degrees or less is generally not the best for the spring spawn. So where I am in Texas, early March is still pretty cold on the lake. This is also frustrating as getting out to your spots can be rather chilling if there is any wind out.

So when you face these water temperatures, use lures that run deep. Check your fish finder for approximate depths of the fish, and try to match that up with your lure choice. Using plastic worms, bass assasins, grubs, tubes and jigs with a very slow retrieve or dead stick should yield better results. Cranks and jerks may work as well, however they need to be deep runners, suspending, and also with a slow retrieve. The fish are sluggish, and usually hang out in deeper water, where it is warmer.

March Bass Fishing In “The Zone”

On the other hand, when you get into 45 to 50 degree waters, that is when the action is going to be fast and furious. My favorite lure is the Bomber “Flat A” in the ghost white color. It runs about 4-6 feet deep (although you can get it in the 8-12 feet deep range) and really hits well with large mouth, small mouth, whites and hybrids. It is also a suspending model, so you can run a jerk and retrieve pattern on the fish, if they tend to be sluggish.

As with cooler temperatures, you can also pull out your worms and jigs to go after these fish. Many of the state record fish were caught with worms. I like a 6-7 inch worm using a Carolina or Texas style rig. Mostly use a slow retrieve on the bottom of the lake, and waiting for that tap. Give the fish some time though, as they don’t usually just suck down a worm, often they will tap it before they fully commit. When you feel the tap, give it a few seconds to let the fish take the bait, then hit ’em!

So don’t wait, get out there on your favorite lake, and take advantage of one of the best months for bass fishing, March! If it is cold, bring your deep running lures and work them slow, if it is warmer, go for the more shallow running, fast action baits and knock ’em dead!

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