Back from Mexico, Just Want to Say Thanks to Nicholas

Last week, our Church went on a missions trip to Monterrey, Mexico. This trip was a special blessing for me, as our Pastor had me preach on Tuesday night, and it was my first time to preach. The people in those Churches have a close relationship with each other and God. And seeing some of the conditions they live in, it really speaks of their faith and love for God.

But I just want to give a big thanks to Nicholas, as he took over for me while I was gone, and brought some very different topical financial help to Personal Finance Resources. Nicholas is a rouge stock market and options investor, and makes (typically) between 15-40% profit per year (currently he is investing fairly conservatively) on his investments. So I really thought that he was an excellent fill-in during my absence.

At Personal Finance Resources, we really are striving to give you tips and information that have been tested successfully by the authors delivering the material. So when you are looking at an article published here, understand that the context is that of real people actually doing the particular strategy outlined. There have been thousands of dollars and years of time invested in the techniques covered in this blog, so sign up for the RSS feed so that you can get this information automatically and free of cost (these strategies cost thousands of dollars at seminars and other educational institutions).

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