Are You Fitting Out A Restaurant? Choose Great Sinks To Be In The Pink!

Fitting out a restaurant kitchen is no mean feat – there is an awful lot to think about and take into account. Something as integral as the choice of sink should be given very careful consideration indeed. Restaurant kitchens are hot, sweaty and stressful and they need to be fitted out well so that poor design doesn’t add to the chef’s woes. When drawing up the plans for your restaurant kitchen, take a good long time doing your research and check out how other people do it. Here are some tips to help you guide you through your choice:

What Space Do You Have Available?

Space is a critical consideration! Measure the exact amount of space you have set aside for the sink to go. Knowing the exact dimensions will stop you from buying a sink that just won’t fit – that will be a disaster. If you are able to, make as much room for the sink as possible – it may be that you can squeeze a couple in, or one with two compartments – this will give you a lot more much-needed room to work in.

Consider the Uses the Sink Will Have

What will be the main use of the sink? If you have industrial dishwashers then there won’t be much need for a large sink to do the washing up in. However you may still need one for preparing messy food, straining and draining, as well as soaking. Think very carefully about what sort of uses your sink will get – this will help you narrow down your options. It will also help you determine which material you opt for – although most commercial operations go for a stainless steel sink for ease of cleaning. Consult with the rest of your staff too – what do they think you need and where is the best place for it to go? If they have regular experience of working in kitchens they will be able to help you decide.

What About Some Added Extras?

Sinks come with all sorts of added features these days. You can hook them up to the rubbish removal system so that vegetable peelings and other food waste are quickly whisked away. If you are doing a lot of frying, then a grease trap is a brilliant idea – it will stop your drains from getting clogged up with old oil, which if it happens is expensive to fix. Some have ice chests and others have the facility to drop trays in. Whatever your needs you’ll be sure to find a kitchen sink that does the job properly, so don’t compromise on anything less than you need.

Kitting out a restaurant kitchen well is the key to the restaurant’s overall success. The better the kitchen is laid out, the easier the staff can work within it, meaning that great quality food can be prepared and delivered quickly. This is bound to make your customers leave with a smile on their faces – and you can bet your life they will be back if they have had a good experience!

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Today’s guest author, Andrew Smith, is a sales executive at USA equipment direct, dealers for stainless kitchen cabinets in Atlanta, US. He is passionate about stand up comedy and works as a stand up comedian for his night job and entertains people on various open mic nights in the city.

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