A Simple Real Estate Internet Marketing Solution

When it comes to finding a real estate internet marketing solution, there are tons and tons of garbage out there. But you know, marketing real estate is not all that hard. Even in a down market, there are ways to market real estate online that will produce great exposure for your listing(s). But if you are like most agents and investors right now, it’s really tough out there, and you are on a limited budget. I understand that, and that’s why I want to bring this simple, 3 step method to marketing real estate online.

Now before I go in to more detail, I just want to let you know that this is method is very cheap. In fact, only one of the three steps actually costs you any money. These 3 online resources get some of the largest, and best exposure you are going to get in the real estate market. Alright, let’s dive in to these great resources:

1. Listing Your Property on Kijiji.com

With an estimated 3 million visitors per month, Kijiji Classifieds is a great resource for listing (or finding) properties online. As you know, in marketing it is all about one thing – exposure, and the exposure of 3 million plus visitors per month is a very, very nice thing. Also, like many classified websites, Kijiji is geo-targeted, therefore when you listing gets viewed, it is being viewed by folks in your local market.

2. Putting Your Listing on Craigslist.org

As I have talked about before, Craigslist’s free classifieds are a fantastic way to reach out to folks in your area, or elsewhere that may be moving into the area soon. With an estimated 30+ million visitors per month, you are sure to get some hits to that great listing. But here’s the best part – it is estimated that some 58% of the visitors to Craigslist make over $60k per year. Not bad for marketing any type of property, even if it is more expensive.

3. Advertising in Your Local Paper and its’ Website

Now most everyone knows about listing a property in the real estate section of the local paper. But many, many newspapers are now publishing their information on the internet, which means your ads will up there too. Now, in some small towns this might not be much additional exposure, however, the traffic that does come by will be highly, highly targeted traffic.

You see with Kijiji and Craigslist, while they boast probably much higher traffic numbers to their sites every month, only a fraction of that traffic will be targeted for your local. But the visitors that hit your local paper are interested in your specific town – perfect for marketing your for sale or rental.

Now remember, my intent with this article was to give you some simple resources you could use right away for little or no money. Now Craigslist and Kijiji are completely free to list property. The only one that will have money attached to it is listing in your local newspaper and its online version. But the cost is minimal, just keep your listing short, sweet, and full of benefits (like quiet country living, lots of room, low bills, etc.) instead of just number bedrooms, bathrooms and location, though these are important to list as well. One more thing for agents – make sure you include the word “agent” or some other designation to tell the audience you are a licensed realtor, just to cover yourself. No sense in getting in trouble over an advertisement.

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