50 Years of Real Estate Success

Thelma ‘Tim’ Edwards was a real estate developer in the Washington area. Going off her father’s words of wisdom that “the money is the land”, she developed much of the Friendship Heights area, and became a multimillionaire.

She found that using a man’s name helped her further her real estate efforts. I don’t agree with doing this, but she was very successful. I’m just really blown away that someone could stick with a career for five decades. What a feet. In my What Does it Take to be Successful article, I mention having a relentless drive, she certainly had it…

You can get more details here.

2 thoughts on “50 Years of Real Estate Success

  1. That’s pretty inspiring. Pretty clever way of overcoming the biases that existed against women too.

    I have to say some of the most driven people I’ve met are in real estate (developers, agents, brokers). I wonder if it’s the industry that attracts a certain personality type..

    • You definitely have to be a “go-getter” to be successful in the real estate industry. Like most start up business, the failure rate in the first year is extremely high!

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