5 Important Home Decor Details Almost Every Homeowner Forgets To Consider

The prospect of home décor is as vulnerable to mistakes, as it loaded with excitement. More often than not, in the grander scheme of things, the little details are either overlooked or misconstrued. What most homeowners fail to realize is that what they believed to be a good idea all along, could be nothing but bad decisions waiting to happen. These five décor details, for instance, when given any less thought than required, can create nothing but disasters.

1)   Proportion

One of the most important interior design principles also happens to be the most erred one by homeowners. Because, scale and proportion, in the initial stages remain mostly intangible, homeowners fail to get a clear idea about many related decisions. Instances of the dining table being thrice the required size or the sofa being almost negligible in a mammoth sized room are not unheard of. People fail to consider that too large and too much furniture would make walking around the room nothing less than an adventure. Whereas, too little furniture would make the room look painfully Spartan.

2)   The color white

We’ve all seen and drooled at those pictures of homes with walls painted a pure dazzling white.  And more often than not, homeowners are known to get carried away and blissfully splash the walls pristine white. We are, after all, told by all and sundry that colors from the white palette “open up the space” and make it appear larger. But it won’t seem so nice when you’re stuck with the constant and near-neurotic task of keeping them clean and presentable at all times. Moreover, white makes the things in the room appear to float and look a wee bit too clinical for comfort. In case, however, you do want to go for lighter colors, go for off-whites, cream or beige. They render the same enlarging effect and at the same time, add a good amount of warmth to the room.

3)   Help

Sure, there’s something inexplicably charming about doing up your home all by yourself. But there’s also that high possibility of going massively wrong or messing up. After all, not all of us are trained interior designers. Plus, it’s not like home décor is a simple cupcake-walk. You’re bound to get exhausted and confused. Ask friends and relatives (having good taste, of course) for second opinions, even if it’s something as trivial as the choice of sofa cushions. It doesn’t do much harm to delegate various tasks to a few trusty people either. For all you know, they might just surprise you with a creative idea.

4)   Theme

As much as anyone who knows even two bits about home décor may stress on the importance of having a theme, ordinarily, at least eight out of ten homeowners give it the slip. Lack of a theme makes the whole project look like a haphazard mishmash of random things put together. Which, in case it happens, is nothing but a huge waste of money. Having a theme makes your life a lot easier because you can always cross-refer and fit things within a specific framework. Plus, it helps you create a flow among all the elements of the house and bring in balance, which takes us to our all-important point #1.

5)   Plan

Having everything else in place and done to perfection can go down the drains in one quick second if you haven’t planned well in advance. Get your finances in order the moment the idea of home décor takes seed in your head. Sort out the timeframe, the contractor, the delegation of work beforehand, because last minute chaos isn’t going to do you any good. Don’t even think about dealing with things as they come; that never ends well.

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Jenny Wadlow is an interior designer by profession. She is a happy go lucky girl and loves her job as it challenges her creative side. She is also an active social networker and you can connect with her on twitter @JennyWadlow.

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