5 Ideas To Transform Your Home And Give It A New Lease Of Life

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It’s been a few hard years, but now it slowly looks like the country is improving and there’s more money to spend. If you’ve been saving all your spare money for the last few years I bet you’ve not done much work on your home. The last thing you want to be doing is running around crazy and spending money on silly little things to make the place look nicer. Has anyone ever told you that it’s a lot better doing something bigger?

By the time you’ve spend money on lots of new things to spice up your home it’s probably going to come close to the price it would cost to do something bigger anyway. You want to make changes that have a huge impact because that’s when you feel most happy. You will notice the changes every day and it will almost feel like you’re living somewhere else. These big changes range from reasonably priced to couch, and there’s lots of things in between. Let’s have a look at some amazing things you can think about that will give your home a new lease of life.

Lay wooden flooring

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Have a look at your carpets. Do they really take your breath away when you look at them? If you’ve even been in a home that’s ripped them out and laid wooden flooring you will know it changes everything. There’s something about nice wooden flooring that screams classy. They feel a lot more modern and it transforms the look of your home. You can even get some amazing rugs that make them look even better. Plus, for all you lazy people out there it’s going to save you time when they need cleaned.

Build an extension

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This one is bigger than all the rest and with good reason. You end up making your home much bigger by adding a new room onto the side, or making one of your existing rooms much more spacious. Even though this option is expensive it might take away the need for somewhere bigger to live, so it could end up saving you money. If you have any new rooms you’d like inside your home then look into this option in more detail.

Get a fancy bed


Your favorite place in the entire house. It’s the one place you try and stay out of for as long as possible then when you’re inside you don’t want to get out. I’m taking about your bed, not your bedroom. You deserve the comfiest bed you can possibly afford. It’s always weird why people don’t splash out on an amazing bed when they spend more time there than anywhere else.

Hang new curtains

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This is not as big a job as the others, yet somehow the results are always as impressive. It has something to do with the fact they’re the most noticeable thing inside a room when they are closed. Again, you have the same situation as the bed. People will spend all their money on pizza, but only get standard curtains. If you get lovely ones they might cost you a little extra, but they look great and last forever.

Paint the walls

The hardest thing about painting the walls is actually getting around to doing it. You have to empty the rooms and make sure everything is covered. Then you need to go out and buy the paint before spending a weekend getting dirty. Even if you pay someone to do it you are still trapped outside the room for a few days. All of that sounds like hard work, but you can’t deny it looks great when it’s finished. If you want a change you should do it.

This article is authored by Kent Helms, a successful handyman in Nashville. He enjoys his work and is happy with his life. He likes blogging in his spare time and mostly writes articles on home improvement.

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