4 Elements Of A Dream House That Will Make You Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams!

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“You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one…” go the lyrics of a song written and sung by John Lennon. The words echo one of the all prevalent truths. Dreams, hope and belief are some of the most beautiful words in the vocabulary. Some even go on to say that dreams are just seedlings of reality. If that is believed to be true, make your dreams as vivid and beautiful as possible to ensure your reality is as mesmerizing. A dream house is one of the biggest dreams a person has in their lifetime. Though dreams are personal, there are some things that most would love! Let’s paint a pretty picture to make sure in reality it is exactly as we always wanted. Here are some elements, dreams are made of –

A perfect view

Whether you are a beach or a mountain person, a perfect view is enjoyed by all. If sand and sea are your calling, a house at the shore would be perfect. A walk on the shore under the moonlit sky with someone you love, such moments find them in your favorite and peaceful moments. If the mightiness of the mountain appeals to you, standing on the rooftop and admiring the magic of Mother Nature will please you like nothing else. A perfect view is a must for a dream house because Earth is just too beautiful to not be appreciated.

A Walk in Library

Disney showed us how a magnificent library should be in the scene at the castle’s library from the Beauty and the Beast. If that had you enchanted like only Disney movies can, then you will love a walk in library in your dream house. A library filled with stacks of books and a classic rolling ladder. Place a reading chair and make sure you have the perfect reading lights so that there are no hindrances in your sojourn in the world a book creates. Bibliophile dreams are made of libraries like this!

A Huge Wardrobe

This one is for Shopaholics who treat their clothes, shoes, bags, etc. with the sensitivity and respect they deserve. Think Vogue’s fashion closet in The Devil Wears Prada! Imagine something like that in your very house! Decorate the wardrobe with bright lights and a huge mirror. Create separate sections for all the treasures you possess and once you are done, you can preen with glee over the marvelous collection you have painstakingly created.

An in House Pool

An in house pool is the ultimate luxury. Nothing increases the value of the house like a swimming pool. You can be as creative as you want and make it playful as per your needs. A slide would be a nice addition to make it fun and interesting. Create shade using umbrellas and awnings, place tables and chairs around them and you have a nice lounge area for your pool parties!

After you have such a beautiful picture in place, how about turning your can’t into cans and dreams into plans?

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Neel Johnson works for Sunbreaker pools and is a bright young interior designer. A keen learner, he likes to learn at every stage and reads a lot of home decor magazines in his spare time.

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